The Empty Promise of Godism Peter Sammons


Published: July 16th 2009

Kindle Edition

384 pages


The Empty Promise of Godism  by  Peter Sammons

The Empty Promise of Godism by Peter Sammons
July 16th 2009 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 384 pages | ISBN: | 6.60 Mb

Multi-Faith: are there multiple paths to peace with God? If so, what does that tell us about the nature of God? Did the Lord Jesus make allowance for such an idea?Many who talk about God or god today seek to promote a multi-faith position, embracing what they take to be the essence of the world religions.

Some who adopt this new form of syncretism even claim to be Christians. People everywhere should be concerned about this development, because the promise apparently held out by the promoters of this idea is ultimately an empty and misleading one.Peter Sammons compares the claims of the multi-faith Godists with the claims of the authentic Gospel, and shows why they are irreconcilable.

He exposes the incoherence of the multi-faith approach.This is a book for non-Christians who are seeking God, as well as for Christians who want to have a coherent, biblical and thorough answer to todays multi-faith pressures. Clear guidance is given on the authentic biblical Christian faith.14 chapters and 5 appendices look at the nature of God revealed in the Bible, answering the questions, is God good?

is God holy? and is God a split personality? It looks at Jesus and at His statement that He is the Way to the Father. It examines the concepts of Law and of Grace. Finally it looks at the need for, and inherent dangers in, dialogue between the various religions. It also answers the thorny question sometimes posed: what is the eternal destiny of those who never even hear the name of Jesus, let alone actively reject Him?Author Peter Sammons asserts that true biblical Christianity is not so much a religion - as a relationship. He goes on to provide good biblical evidence to support this view.Peter Sammons is a Christian writer and business consultant.

He is author of The Birth of Christ, also published by Glory to Glory Publications.

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